Facebook hates the Nationals and Orioles

Big weekend for my two baseball teams. The Orioles swept the Red Sox in a crazy 17-inning game where DH Chris Davis pitched two innings (and won) and now have the best record in baseball. The Nationals took two out of three from the Phillies, and the final game was nationally televised with beanballs and stealing home being prominently featured. As you would expect, my Facebook feed had numerous stories shared by the Nats & O’s fans I’m friends with. But that’s not how Facebook categorized them:

Notice that all those posts are by Baltimore/Washington fans or media outlets, yet they chose to categorize the stories by Phillies & Red Sox. Facebook even claims that the Orioles themselves are posting about the Red Sox. I made a joke on my Facebook about the Orioles part yesterday, accusing Facebook of being a bunch of pink hats, but this shows a broader bias. How does Facebook determine which team people are posting about when there are two teams involved? And why did they go the opposite way on my feed when everyone was posting about the other team (I try not to be friends with too many Phillies or Red Sox fans)?

The only logical conclusion is that Facebook has a terrible bias problem. I should start a Facebook group “A MILLION STRONG TO GET FACEBOOK TO STOP BEING BIASED AGAINST DC & BALTIMORE AND ALSO BRING BACK THE OLD DESIGN.”

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